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Students appropriation of mathematical artifacts during their participation in a practice: á propos de A. Sfard.. (English)
Pehkonen, Erkki, 21. conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education. ,. 128-135 (1997).
In this paper the authors present for discussion some ideas that arrive to them from reflecting on the results of their own research during the last three years and from some readings namely from Jill Adler, Jean Lave and Anna Sfard. They present briefly the research they have conducted, with some detail on the conceptual framework and the results. After that, the authors summarize some ideas presented by A. Sfard’ in Seville (1996) underlining aspects more closed related with the own research. Finally, they propose some questions they are now working on after looking back to those results and the Portuguese educational context.
Classification: C30
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