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Analysis and synthesis in mathematics from the perspective of Charles S. Peirce’s philosophy. (English)
Otte, Michael et al., Analysis and synthesis in mathematics. Kluwer, Dordrecht (ISBN 0-7923-4570-3). 327-362 (1997).
This paper is particularly concerned with Peirce’s conception of mathematics. Taking into account that there exists a great deal of scholarly insight into his philosophy of science, one is surprised to notice how indefinite, uneven and varied opinions are regarding Peirce’s conception of mathematics. Peirce has declared mathematics to be paradigmatic for philosophy (CP, 7.80) which leads us to investigate the relationship of Peirce’s epistemology to classical German philosophy, to the conceptions of Leibniz, Hegel and above all of Kant. (From the introduction)
Classification: E20
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