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Pupils’ answers to standard mathematics problems with blanks. (Risposte degli allievi a problemi di tipo scolastico standard con un dato mancante.) (Italian)
Mat. Didatt., No. 1, 19-44 (1998).
In this study we examine, from various points of view, the individual, written reponses of 8‒9 old and 12‒13 years old pupils to addition problems of the standard type given in school and in which one piece of information is missing. In particular, we investigate if and how the pupil makes use of the numerical data contained in the problem. Our analysis is also concerned with the influence of age on the recognition that information is missing, with the language used in the reponse, with the effect on the pupil’s reponse of his/her involvement in the situation described in the statement of the problem, and with the kind of extra-mathematical reponse provided by the pupil. (orig.)
Classification: D62
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