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The ladder problem and extensions. (English)
Consortium, No. 64, 6-7, 11 (1997).
Das folgende Problem wird untersucht: Eine Leiter lehnt an der Wand. Wird sie unten 10 cm weiter von der Wand weg aufgestellt, um wieviel bewegt sich das obere Ende? Die Aufgabe wird aus verschiedenen Blickwinkeln diskutiert.
Downtown Toronto is filled with public art and interesting architecture and makes a wonderful location for a Math Trail. In one building, there are a series of ladders leaning against a wall. As part of the Math Trail, one of the authors posed the following problem to his students: “Walk over to one of the ladders that is leaning against the wall at an angle. If you were able to move this ladder at the base, so that it became 10 centimeters further from the wall, would the top of the ladder slide down the wall through a distance of 10 centimeters?” (orig.)
Classification: G43
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