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How can National Assessment Schemes be used to benefit teachers and teaching? (English)
Hejný, M. et al., 4. bi-annual conference on elementary mathematics teaching (SEMT-4). Prometheus, Praha. 111-116 (1997).
Countries use national assessments in many ways ‒ to determine entry to Higher Education, to nationally compare students performance, to help in selection procedures for employment; to allow politicians to criticise the teachers for the under achievement of their students! There are few instances of national assessment schemes providing realistic feedback to the teaching force to enable them to understand where students are making common errors and helping them to eradicate these errors. This paper describes one such scheme, which attempted to give all teachers information about the performance of students at two particular ages in their school career, to point out where there were common problems and to give help and guidance as to how these problems might be dealt with. (PedF UK)
Classification: D60
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