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A framework for assessing teacher development. (English)
Meira, L. et al., 19. Annual conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (PME 19). Proceedings. Vol. 3. ,. 272-279 (1995).
This paper describes a framework for analyzing children’s mathematical behavior in three contexts: (1) a non-routine problem task working with a partner in a classroom setting; (2) an open-ended task-based interview about how they built those solutions; and (3) a series of problems in a second task-based interview involving fractions. The framework was the basis for an assessment of the impact of a long-term teacher development project in an urban district according to (1) the process by which the students build solutions: their use of heuristics, models built, representations constructed; (2) language used to explanations, and predictions for other mathematical problems, and reflecting on their own problem-solving capabilities; and (4) the richness and depth of their solutions. (orig.)
Classification: C73
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