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Students’ perceptions of a pre-service teaching practicum. Preliminary findings from one grade 6 classroom. (English)
Hejný, M. et al., 4. bi-annual conference on elementary mathematics teaching (SEMT-4). Prometheus, Praha. 83-88 (1997).
Preliminary findings from the pupils in one grade 6 classroom participating in a primary mathematics teacher education program are reported in this paper. The program aimed to provide pre-service teachers with an intensive introduction into teaching mathematics consistent with constructivist learning theory, collaboration between the classroom teacher and the pre-service teachers was integral to the program. Data were gathered from multiple sources: videotaped lessons, interviews with teachers and pre-service teachers, reflective journals, and questionnaires and interviews with pupils. Pupil responses indicated that lessons when the pre-service teachers were present were different from their “usual mathematics lessons”: for example, more small group work and lessons were more interesting and enjoyable. (PedF UK)
Classification: B52
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