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Teach your children well. (English)
Canterbury University Press, Canterbury (ISBN 0-908812-51-5). 119 p. (1996).
At the age of seven, Michael Tan became the youngest child in the world to pass Bursary level mathematics; at eight, the youngest ever to attend a New Zealand university. He is one of three outstanding children of a Christchurch family. Are these children really geniuses? The father and author of the book insists they are not; that their success has more to do with their upbringing and home-schooling. This view is supported by the fact that many ordinary children also have excelled under his tutellage - including some written off as "maths failures" by their schools. In this book, he explains his philosophy on teaching, particularly his view that mathematics helps literacy, outlines his methods, and makes a case for home schooling.
Classification: U90
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