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Investigating with pattern blocks. Grades K-3. (English)
Cuisenaire Co. of America, White Plains, NY (ISBN 0-938587-78-1). 72 p. (1995).
Pattern blocks are a collection of 6 polygons, each with its own color. A full set contains 25 yellow hexagons, 25 orange squares, 50 green equilateral triangles, 50 red trapezoids, 50 tan rhombuses, and 50 blue rhombuses. The sides of all the blocks are 1 inch long, except for the long base of the trapezoid, which is 2 inches long. The book has six clusters of activities: Chapter 1 (Getting to Know You) allows children to explore and interact with Pattern Blocks in a playful way. In chapter 2 (Creative Designs), children use Pattern Blocks as artistic tools to create original figures. Once the figures are created, children analyze, compare, contrast, and communicate what they notice. In chapter 3 (Estimation), children use Pattern Blocks to estimate quantities and make predictions. The chapters 4 to 6 (hexagons, Symmetry/Similarity, Area/Perimeter) provide children with further opportunities to use Pattern Blocks for learning concepts and skills through games and small-group investigations.
Classification: U62
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