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Addressing misconceptions in length, area and volume. (English)
Mammana, C., ICMI study - Perspectives on the teaching of geometry for the 21st century. ,. 76-80 (1995).
The concepts of length, area and volume are taught at the primary level and repeatedly recur in secondary school mathematics, as well as in other subjects. Research in different countries has shown that students encounter difficulties in understanding measurement. Research evidence suggests that children become confused in their interpretation of, least of all, length concepts, and frequently make mistakes when handling this concept (considered as the most basic in measurement). Furthermore, a very poor performance for finding area of figures is reported in the national surveys in both USA and Britain. To further investigate the above phenomenon and in another cultural context, the author administered the Chelsea Diagnostic Test, an instrument developed by the “Concepts in Secondary Mathematics and Science” (CSMS) Mathematics Team, in Lebanon. The study confirmed the CSMS results in Lebanon.
Classification: G30
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