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Geometry turned on! Dynamic software in learning, teaching, and research. (English)
Mathematical Association of America, Washington, DC (ISBN 0-88385-099-0). 220 p. (1997).
Dynamic geometry is active, exploratory geometry carried out with interactive computer software. It has had a profound effect on classroom teaching wherever it has been introduced. The papers in this volume give a good idea of the ways in which the software can be used, and some of the effects it can have. With the use of interactive computer software, the focus in teaching shifts from students laboriously making constructions by hand to verify a stated fact in a text to a focus on students carrying out experiments, quickly producing many accurate sketches from which they conjecture properties that seem to be "always" true. After a geometric figure is drawn, any unconstrained parts of the configuration (arbitrary segments or points, for example), that are not dependend on any other objects are moveable - they can literally be grabbed with a cursor and can be dragged or stretched - and as they move, all other objects in the configuration automatically self-adjust, preserving all dependent relationships and constraints.
Classification: R20
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