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Promoting excellence in undergraduate mathematics through workshops based on collaborative learning. (English)
PRIMUS, Probl. Resour. Issues Math. Undergrad. Stud. 7, No. 2, 147-163 (1997).
Undergraduate mathematics plays a central and crucial role in our system of mathematics education. The goal in this article is to demonstrate, based on the Academic Mastery Program (AMP) at Occidental College, how to incorporate collaborative learning into the mathematics curriculum. AMP is a program that promotes achievement in mathematics by offering freshman undergraduates a collaborative learning environment that fosters success. It helps them to organize their lives around their academic interests. The structure of the program, we believe, minimizes the isolation of women, minorities, and borderline students by transforming each student’s contribution into the success of a group. We will describe in detail the format of weekly two hour workshops, which are supervised by student facilitators. Issues such as student recruitment, hiring facilitators, and designing worksheets will also be discussed. (orig.)
Classification: D35
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