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Collaborative curriculum investigation as a vehicle for teacher enhancement and mathematics curriculum reform. (English)
Sch. Sci. Math. 97, No. 5, 253-259 (1997).
The Missouri Middle Mathematics $(M^3)$ Project is an NSF-funded 3-year professional development project involving teacher/administrator teams from districts statewide. Project activities focus on collaborative investigation of emerging reform-based middle school mathematics curricula to support individual and systemic reform. Collaborative review and field-testing of material facilitates awareness and exploration of alternative instructional and assessment strategies and informed decision making. Early indicators of the model’s successare reflected in participants’ enthusiasm and professional growth. Project activities stimulate discussions of critical topics including questioning appropriateness of various teaching practices, research about teaching and learning, tracking policies, appropriate assessment models for gauging student learning and the importance of calculators and manipulatives as teaching and learning tools. These discussions transcend curriculum materials being reviewed and serve as a powerful vehicle for professional growth and development for individual teachers and districts. (orig.)
Classification: D30
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