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Teachers’ conceptions about mathematical assessment. (English)
Puig, L. et al., 20th Conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (PME 20). Proceedings. Vol. 4. ,. 131-138 (1996).
The purpose of this study, which is part of a larger project, was to survey teachers’ conceptions about assessment: its role, functions and techniques practised in the mathematics classroom. Responses by a substantial proportion of fifth and sixth grade mathematics teachers to a mailed questionnaire revealed a rather optimistic picture in most statements of a specially developed scale. Although this particular group of teachers seems to be well aware of contemporary views about assessment, a few interviews shed more light and uncovered significant misconceptions and different understandings and interpretations of basic concepts and definitions. It seems that most teachers have a rather confused idea about some basic concepts and terms used in the survey. (orig.)
Classification: D60
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