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Children’s common-sense understanding of shape. (English)
Keitel, C. et al., Mathematics (education) and common sense: The challenge of social change and technological development. - (Education) mathématiques et sens commun: Le défi du changement social et du développement technologique. ,. 316-322 (1996).
The meaning of shape, that children construct in their early years, is based on their everyday experiences and is characterised by children’s beliefs and perceptions. This develops through life and interacts with the mathematical meaning of shape at school. This study focuses on children’s common-sense understanding of shape studied in a non-mathematical context. Children’s answers on two questions about the shape and the boundaries of 22 entities have been analysed and a description in the form of a systemic network has been produced. The range of age, the large number of entities and the variety of nature and scale of the entities made possible the construction of a general formulation of children’s thinking on entities form. The relationship between common-sense of shape and mathematics is also considered. (orig.)
Classification: G12
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