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Kuhn revisited. (English)
Jahnke, H.N. et al., History of mathematics and education: ideas and experiences. Vandenhoeck und Ruprecht, Göttingen (ISBN 3-525-40318-6). 213-239 (1996).
Th. Kuhn’s book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, upon its publication in 1962, not only caused a revolution in the philosophy and in the historiography of science, but was in itself a result of developments in the professional, social and educational aspects of the sciences which went along with tremendous shifts of emphasis in educational theory and in the didactics of mathematics and science. M. Otte’s paper outlines some aspects of both these sides of Kuhn’s essay. It demonstrates, for instance, that paradigms in Kuhn’s sense, fundamental ideas according to Bruner’s understanding of cognition, and theoretical concepts in the sense of a Hilbertian conception of theory all share certain essential features and functions. On the one hand, these concepts are what the development of an entire theory is devoted to unravel and to explicate. Hence, these concepts are the objective of theory development. They are, however, at the same time its beginning and its base.
Classification: E20
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