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Critical issues in problem solving instruction in mathematics. (English)
Zhang, D. et al., Proceedings of the China - Japan - U.S. seminar on mathematical education. ,. 70-93 (1996).
Der Autor macht Vorschläge zur Verbesserung des Unterrichts in Problemlösen und des Lernens der SchülerInnen.
The purpose of this paper is to discuss issues and make suggestions that hold potential for improving problem solving instruction and student learning. Special consideration is given to the role of teachers and to classroom context throughout the paper. Several potential reasons for inadequate, shallow student problem solving learning are then stated and used to identify three directions for study and change. These three directions are discussed using the labels: reformed instruction, authentic teaching, and instructional context. Then special attention is given to classroom culture including how it develops and its influence on students and learning. Finally, the importance of teacher conceptions in determining classroom culture is highlighted by summarizing results of two studies.
Classification: D50
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