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Some aspects of Heidegger’s concept of knowledge in mathematics education. (Possibilidades de trabalhar a educação matemática na ótica da concepção heideggeriana de conhecimento.) (Portuguese)
Quadrante 5, No. 1, 5-27 (1996).
This paper focuses on the conception of knowledge as it is posed by Martin Heidegger in the book Being and time, aiming to explicit the important aspects of such conception to education and particularly to the mathematical education. It exposes the Heideggerian existentials, the affection, the comprehension and the communication, emphasizing the importance of working on education and on mathematical classroom learning situations, assuming this perspective of knowledge. Readings about works on mathematical education are presented to exemplify the ideas which articulate the text, showing how those existentials can be interpreted in the world-life of education. (orig.)
Classification: D20
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