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Didactics of mathematics: Some notable anniversaries and some Italian-German memories. (Didattica della matematica: importanti anniversari e memorie italo-germaniche.) (Italian)
Insegn. Mat. Sci. Integr. 17A-17B, No. 5, 425-438 (1994).
This note refers to the 25th year of existence of the Italian Center for Research in Didactics "Ugo Morin" at Paderno del Grappa and of its journal "L’Insegnamento della Matematica e delle Scienze Integrate". On this occasion also some other notable actual anniversaries in the field of didactics of mathematics in other countries and at an international level are brought to mind. Furthermore the author, from a very personal point of view, reports on some particular Italian events and German-Italian interactions.
Classification: D10
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