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Reforming mathematics education in America’s cities: the urban mathematics collaborative project. (English)
Teachers College Press, New York, NY (ISBN 0-8077-3382-2). 246 p. (1994).
This book is about school districts and their relationships to collaborative networks, about businesses and higher education committing themselves to educational change, and about mathematics teachers dedicated to educating their students and joining together to make classroom changes. This book documents and analyzes a five-year effort to effect reform through empowering mathematics teachers in collaboratives in 11 urban areas, including San Francisco, Philadelphia, and New Orleans, the UMC Project fostered collaboration among mathematics teachers, mathematicians, and representatives of the business community, in order to reduce teachers’ sense of isolation, encourage professional enthusiasm and innovation in teaching, and expose these teachers to new developments and trends in mathematics and instruction. Editors Webb and Romberg and their contributors reveal the strategies developed, difficulties encountered, and successes achieved by the 11 collaboratives, and critically reflect on the concept of collaboration as a process for reform, the internal forces in educational and societal institutions that resist systemic change, and the use of the school as a site of reform. Issues of equity and of reaching underserved inner-city students are also discussed in the book.
Classification: D10
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