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Parent and student attitudes toward mathematics as they relate to third grade mathematics achievement. (English)
J. Instr. Psychol. 20, No. 2, 96-101 (1993).
This study was to determine the extent of the relationship between parents’ and students’ attitudes toward mathematics and students’ achievement in mathematics; and to compare by sex and performance levels (high, average, low) the attitudes toward mathematics of third grade students. The Dutton Attitude Scale and the California Achievement Test, Mathematics Form E, were utilized. The finding of this investigation implies there is no significant relationship between mothers’ attitudes towards mathematics and students’ attitudes towards mathematics although significance was found between fathers’ and students’ attitudes towards mathematics. In education, an important influence on achievement in a subject is attitude towards that subject. Therefore, an important goal of the partent and the educator is to promote positive attitudes toward mathematics in order that students will develop positive attitudes toward mathematics. (orig.)
Classification: C22
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