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19. Annual conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (PME 19). Proceedings. Vol. 1. (English)
,. 293 p. (1995).
This first of three volumes contains the plenaries "Student voice in examining "splitting" as an approach to ratio, proportions and fractions" (J. Confrey), "Spontaneous and scientific concepts in mathematics: A Vygotskian approach" (V. John-Steiner), "Some concerns about bringing everyday mathematics to mathematics education" (A.D. Schliemann), and "Cognitive growth in elementary and advanced mathematical thinking" (D. Tall), panel presentations concerning investigations in number, data and space, patterns of change: tables and graphs and research reports, short descriptions of working/discussion groups and of posters as well as short oral communications. Addresses of presenting authors are included.
Classification: A60
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