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Using MathCAD to help engineering students understand aliasing. (English)
Maths Stats 6, No. 4, 5-8 (1995).
MathCAD is a powerful computer package which has a range of mathematical features which make it suitable for carrying out classroom demonstrations and laboratory investigations. In particular there are a number of features which make it suitable for teaching engineering students. It displays conventional mathematical notation in the form in which it would be written on the blackboard or in a textbook, it is a programming language capable of performing a wide range of tasks, and furthermore it can produce word-processed documents containing the results of the programming. The user is able to scroll back through a document in the same way as with a word-processor, and changes to parameters can be made which then ripple through the entire document including tables and graphs. In this article the author considers a phenomenon which concerns engineering students - that of aliasing when dealing with Fourier transforms.
Classification: I55
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