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Mathematics accessible through technology: the voyage of the Mimi as an interdisciplinary and technologically-based program. (English)
Science and mathematics education in the United States: Eight innovations. OECD Publ., Paris (ISBN 92-64-13918-4). 207-229 (1993).
As a case study of mathematics education reform in the United States, The Voyage of the Mimi Project offers a study of four critical issues associated with current reform efforts. One issue concerns the learning of mathematics in the context of real situations. The project encouraged students to work with mathematics and technology as scientists would. Students learn mathematics as they carry out scientific investigations and inquiries. This study of The Voyage of the Mimi will explore learning content in a realworld context. A second issue concerns the manner in which curriculum materials can be used to provide students with experiences that integrate mathematics with other areas of study. A third issue pertains to the use of technology in the teaching of mathematics. Since this was one of the earliest projects that worked with multimedia materials, study of The Voyage of the Mimi project affords the opportunity to understand how such a project adapts to rapid changes in technology. Finally, because The Voyage of the Mimi is one of the earliest projects of its kind, an important issue in this case study concerns the extent to which this multi-million dollar project has influenced the development of other technology-based educational projects. This case study will look at some of the long-term implications of the project - how it adjusted to changing technology, how teachers have used the materials over an extended time period, and how the project, financed primarily by federal funds, became available on the commercial market.
Classification: D10
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