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Mathematics education reform in California. (English)
Science and mathematics education in the United States: Eight innovations. OECD Publ., Paris (ISBN 92-64-13918-4). 117-142 (1993).
This case study focuses on only one part of California’s reform efforts, it is helpful to have some knowledge of California’s diverse population and geography; how California’s education system works and where the authority for education resides; some of the history of curriculum recommendations in the recent past; and how a multiplicity of efforts in the state is being orchestrated to bring about change in mathematics education. The study of mathematics education reform in California reveals some of the basic constraints that are operable in, as well as the mechanisms available to, any state attempting to generate change. California represents a massive effort to further statewide reform in mathematics education while giving every student fair access to mathematics. California provides a rich case for study because of its attempts to align policy and practice.
Classification: D10
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