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Teaching aids in primary mathematics: less is more. (English)
Bazzini, L. et al., Proceedings of the second Italian-German bilateral symposium on didactics of Mathematics. ,. 101-111 (1994).
There is a growing market of a great variety of teaching aids: manipulatives visual aids, pictures, computer software, and so forth. This variety is even increased by individual inventions of teachers. So the impression might arise that teaching is conceived of as a war of materials. In distinct opposition to the at least implicit message "the more, the better" the primary mathematics project "maths 2000" at the University of Dortmund has adopted the principle of parsimony in the use of teaching aids as one of its guidelines. The present paper tries to develop a theoretical underpinning for this decision and, at the same time, to give an impression of the scientific background of the project, namely a conception of mathematics education as a "design science". (orig.)
Classification: U12
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