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Proceedings of the second Italian-German bilateral symposium on didactics of Mathematics. (English)
,. 383 p. (1994).
This book stems from the Second Italian-German Bilateral Symposium on the Didactics of Mathematics which took place at Haus Ohrbeck (near Osnabrück) on 21 - 26 April 1992. Following from the first conference, four major themes have been identified for further discussion which take into account the continuing interest and investigation and the present state of research into these areas. The organisation of this publication and the contributors to the following four topics are as follows: 1) Tendencies and problems of curricular and educational innovations in primary school mathematics (M. G. Bartolini Bussi, L. Bazzini, D. Bönig, P.Boero, C. Morini, S. Schütte, J. Voigt and E. C. Wittmann), 2) The cultural and historical dimensions of mathematics and their relation to mathematics education (L. Cannizzaro Boletta, H. N. Jahnke, M. Menghini, P. Schreiber, F. Speranza and H. G. Steiner), 3) Interaction between computer and mathematics education (E. Cohors-Fresenborg, M. Fasano, F. Furinghetti, R. Hölzl, C. Peelegrino, G. Schrage and H. Schumann), 4) The mathematics classroom as a social system (E. Gallo, N. A. Malara, M. A. Mariotti, A. Pesci, F. Seeger and H. Steinbring). All these contributions will be reviewed separately.
Classification: A60
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