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HF: working on mathematics education. (English)
Streefland, Leen, The legacy of Hans Freudenthal. Kluwer Academic Publ., Dordrecht (ISBN 0-7923-2653-9). 21-49 (1993).
First an impression will be given of the way Freudenthal worked on mathematics education during the period after WW II, until the early seventies. The sequence of events of that time form the leading principle of that period when important didactic concepts were being developed. In the following section the chronological order is set aside in an attempt to show how Freudenthal approached research, both in education and into mathematics education. In the next two sections two core themes are dealt with in detail: "learning mathematics" and "developing mathematics education". Earlier didactic concepts are completed and further developed into key notions of a "science of mathematics instruction". (orig.)
Classification: A30
Keywords: freudenthal, h.
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