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Computers as tools, not toys, to motivate students of differing ethnic backgrounds. (English)
Knierzinger, A. et al., Informatics and changes in learning. , (ISBN 3-9500247-0-0). II9-II12 (1993).
In these modern, technologically advanced times, motivation for students is difficult. It is particularly difficult to engage students with reading and/or writing difficulties or students from differing ethnic backgrounds in active learning merely by having an adult, especially one from a different culture, declare it important. Technology, while it is sometimes the cause of the alienation, also can be a solution. Students who have an opportunity to use technology as a tool to create meaningful products are motivated to learn content, often with greater depth and longer lasting effects, in order to solve an immediate problem. Three projects which fully involved the students are multimedia/hypermedia productions, word processing in a cross-aged tutoring setting, and group problems solving though a decision- making computer tool. These three projects enabled the students involved to be self-motivated within a structured setting. (orig.)
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