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To divide means to calculate. (Partager, c’est compter.) (French)
Grand N, No. 54, 31-50 (1993-1994).
Pupils of 6 to 9 years of age were given 47, 50 or 53 pearls in a box, and they were asked to divide these pearls in order to form 2 or 3 necklaces of the same number of pearls, with the least number possible remaining in the box; later on they had to equalise the numbers of 9, 14 and 19 sweets on three disks. For an investigation of pupils’ behaviour the variables of the situation were varied systematically and protocolls of the processes of and the discussions during solution analysed. - Consignes demandaient que des eleves de 6 a 9 ans partageaient en groupes de 2 ou 3 47, 50 ou 53 perles d’un boite pour fabriquer 2 ou 3 colliers du meme nombre de perles ainsi qu’il reste le moins possible dans la boite, ou de egaliser les nombres de bonbons dans trois assiettes de 9, 14 et 19 bonbons. Pour realiser une investigation on variait les variables de situations systematiquement et analysait les conduites des eleves a base des protocoles sur les processus de et les discussions entre la solution des problemes.
Classification: F32
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