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A methodology to study the students interaction with the computer. (English)
Hiroshima J. Math. Educ. 2, 15-24 (1994).
The students’ interaction with the computer poses new problems of research in Mathematics Education and also offers new methodological resources. One of these is the positively to employ the recording of the students’ interaction with the computer as a technique to gather data on the processes that the students follow to solve the proposed tasks. In this work, different examples of the use of these records in research on Mathematics Education are analyzed, showing the diversity of the obtainable data and the dependence of the same with respect to the ’roles’ carried out by the computer and the student. We end by presenting the method of analysis of these records that we have used in our own research, that combines qualitative and quantitative elements and can be easily adapted to other research. (orig.)
Classification: U50
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