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200\% of nothing. An eye-opening tour through the twists and turns of math abuse and innumeracy. (English)
Wiley, New York, NY (ISBN 0-471-57776-6). 191 p. (1993).
Siehe die Besprechung der deutschen Uebersetzung.
The first part of this book illustrates the most typical abuses of mathematics with examples drawn from the real world. Each one illustrates how a particular branch of mathematics is warped by personal beliefs, public agendas, or corporate goals. The second part of the book examines the areas of everyday life where abuse is especially rampant: the media, gambling, politics, finance, commerce, and advertising. The last chapter offers immediate remedies in the form of light armor against the most common numerical slings and arrows. It analyzes many of the examples and explains certain basic ideas and procedures that must sooner or later inhabit every numerate mind.
Classification: F98
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