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Der Begriff Bedeutung in der Mathematikdidaktik. (La notion de signifie en didactique des mathematiques.) (French)
Artigue, M. et al., Vingt ans de didactique des mathématiques en France. Hommage à Guy Brousseau et Gérard Vergnaud. Ed. La Pensée Sauvage, Grenoble. 218-224 (1994).
The concept of meaning, which is frequently used in an informal way in didactic research, is a central and controversial subject in philosophy, logic and semiotics. The analysis of this concept from a didactical point of view could be useful to understand the relationships between the different theoretical frameworks in mathematics education and to throw a new light upon some research questions. In this work, the aforementioned analysis is approached and a pragmatic theory of meaning of mathematical objects is presented. (orig.)
Classification: C30
Keywords: meaning
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