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Intelligent tutoring systems and mathematics: A survey of what’s going on in France. (English)
Ferguson, D.L., Advanced educational technologies for mathematics and science. Springer, Berlin (ISBN 3-540-56531-0). 647-685 (1993).
This text gives an overview on what is happening in France in learning environments for Mathematics. The focus is on systems for algebraic manipulation (AMALIA for algebraic manipulations like integration, APLUSIX system to learn factorisation of polynomials, NAIADE, ELISE, ...) and on systems to teach geometry (ARCHIMEDE, ARRIA, MENTONIEZH: an ICAL, CABRI-geometre: a micro-world, ...). The global overview presented allows a better understanding of the diversity of approaches and the richness of complementary attitudes. It is a way to underline that the work in this area is not monolithic and not based only on the usual paradigm of transmission of knowledge hidden behind usual declarations on ITS. A discussion on pedagogical attitudes and possible roles for each system is presented. To conclude, some comments on the need to have a better definition of pedagogical uses of ITS are given.
Classification: R20
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