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Schools, mathematics, and the world of reality. Papers. (English)
Allyn \& Bacon, Boston, MA (ISBN 0-205-13445-9). 304 p. (1993).
Articles on the following topics: 1.) Mathematics Education: The Context of the Crisis by Gerald A. Goldin, 2.) Constructivism and Caring by N. Noddings, 3.) The Reality of Negative Numbers by R.B. Davis and C.A. Maher, 4.) Learning Mathematics: Perspectives from Everyday Life by T. Nunes, 5.) Understanding Mathematics: The Impact of Technology by A. Ralston, 6.) Learning to Use Children’s Mathematics Thinking: A Case Study by E. Fennema et al., 7.) Mathematics as Procedural Instructions and Mathematics as Meaningful Activity: The Reality of Teaching for Understanding by P. Cobb et al, 8.) Student’s Disagreements during Small-Group Mathematical Problem Solving by L.C. Wilkinson et al., 9.) Brian’s Representation and Development of Mathematical Knowledge: The First Two Years by C.A. Maher et al., 10.) Mathematics and the Reality of the Student: Bringing the Two Together by A.O. Graeber, 11.) Assessing Mathematical Thinking and Learning Potential by H.P. Ginsburg et al.
Classification: D30
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