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Strategies and arguments in a descriptive study of association using microcomputers. Estrategias y argumentos en el estudio descriptivo de la asociacion usando microordenadores. Strategien und Argumente in einer Untersuchung der Assoziation mit Hilfe eines Mikrocomputers. (Spanish)
Fourteenth PME conference with the North American Chapter twelfth PME-NA conference. Vol. 3. Proceedings. 14. PME-Konferenz mit der 12. PME-NA-Konferenz der nordamerikanischen Abteilung. Bd. 3. Beitraege. Editor(s): Booker, G.; Cobb, P.; Mendicuti, T.N. de International Group for Psychology of Mathematics Education; International Group for Psychology of Mathematics Education (United States). North American Chapter 1990. p. 157-164 of 362 p. Available from FIZ Karlsruhe. Conference: 14. Conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (PME), Oaxtepec (Mexico), 15-20 Jul 1990
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