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The in-service education of teachers (INSET) in information technology (IT). Die Lehrerfortbildung in informationstechnischer Grundbildung - eine britische Perspektive. (English)
Computers in education. Proceedings of the IFIP Technical Committee 3 (TC 3). Computer im Bildungswesen. Proceedings der IFIP TC 3. Editor(s): Lovis, F. (Open Univ., Milton Keynes (UK). Faculty of Mathematics); Tagg, E.D. International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP), Geneva (Switzerland) Amsterdam: North-Holland. 1988. p. 131-138 of 712 p. Conference: 1. European conference on computers in education (ECCE 88), Lausanne (Switzerland), 24-29 Jul 1988 [ISBN 0-444-70483-3]
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