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Modelling a games programme at a tenth birthday party. Modellierung eines Regelsystems fuer Spiele auf der Feier eines 10. Geburtstages. (English)
Teaching and applying mathematical modelling. Mathematische Modellbildung unterrichten und anwenden. Editor(s): Berry, J.S. (Open Univ., Milton Keynes (UK)); Burghes, D.N. (Exeter Univ. (UK). School of Education); Huntley, I.D. (Sheffield City Polytechnic (UK). Dept. of Mathematics); James, D.J.G. (Coventry (Lanchester) Polytechnic (UK). Dept. of Mathematics); Moscardini, A.O. (Sunderland Polytechnic (UK). Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics) Chichester: Horwood. 1984. p. 282-289 of 508 p. Ser. Title: Mathematics and its applications. [ISBN 0-85312-728-X]
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