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Adaptive subcarrier allocation of multiuser STBC-OFDM systems in correlated channels. (Chinese)
J. Comput. Appl. 31, No. 7, 1948-1951 (2011).
Summary: With the optimization goal of minimizing the total transmit power, an adaptive subcarrier allocation algorithm based on partial Channel State Information (CSI) under the condition of spatially correlated Rayleigh fading channels was proposed for multiuser STBC-OFDM downlink systems. In the course of algorithm implementation, the Kronecker model was used to express spatially correlated Multiple-Input Multiple-Out-put (MIMO) rayleigh fading channels of each subcarrier, and the dynamic CSIT (CSI at the Transmit) model was utilized to describe the process of CSI feedback; thus, the corresponding subcarrier allocation criteria could be deduced by means of the basic principles of Space-Time Block Code (STBC). The experimental results show that the proposed algorithm not only can effectively reflect system performance effects of the correlation coefficients of antenna correlation matrix and the parameters of delayed feedback, but also has good performance in contrast to subcarrier allocation without CSIT.
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