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Symmetric ternary arithmetic weight and symmetric ternary arithmetic AN codes. (English)
Multiple-valued logic, Proc. 11th int. Symp., Oklahoma City and Norman/Okla. 1981, 163-167 (1981).
Summary: [For the entire collection see Zbl 0535.00010.] The binary arithmetic AN codes play important roles in error-detection and error-correction of binary digital systems such as binary arithmetic units and binary data transmission channels. Similarly, the ternary arithmetic AN codes are considered to be useful in ternary digital systems. It is known that the symmetric ternary number system makes the arithmetic operations much more straightforward and efficient than the ordinary ternary one does. This paper presents a new class of ternary arithmetic AN codes consistent with the symmetric ternary arithmetic units and certain types of ternary data channels. These codes are called symmetric ternary arithmetic AN codes or shortly ST-AN codes. It is noticed that the ST-AN codes are based on a new concept of arithmetic distance similar to Lee-distance rather than to Hamming-distance.
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