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Brief help on search ZBMATH database

General search syntax [field]:[search string]

  • Default search fields: Without specifying a search field, search is performed over all fields. This is equivalent to specifying the search field any. Note, however, that a field qualifier extends to all following search terms, and therefore any must be used if a preceding search term has been qualified.
  • Phrase search: A phrase consisting of several words becomes a search term by putting it in quotation marks, e.g. "fixed point theorem".
  • Connecting search terms: To connect search terms, the Boolean operators & (and) and | (or) may be used. A search for terms connected with & will give all documents containing all these terms, while using | will give all documents containing any of these terms. The operator ^ (not) can also be used.
  • Connection default is &: If the search string contains several words separated by blanks but not put in quotation marks, the query will give all documents containing all these words. This is therefore equivalent to connecting the words with the operator & (and).
  • Abbreviating search terms: Right truncation of search terms is possible by placing the * symbol at the end of the search term. To truncate a phrase enclosed in quotation marks, the * must be put before the closing quotation mark. This kind of “wildcarding” is possible only at the end (but not within) of a word or phrase; if the * symbol is found within a phrase, it has no effect.

Search fields

anyJoint index of all fields.
auAuthors, editors, and author references.
tiOriginal and translated titles.
soSource data, including journal or serial title, volume and issue number, pagination, publisher, and publication year.
ccMathematics Subject Classification (MSC 2010).
The symbol * in front of an MSC code means primary classification.
utKeywords (Uncontrolled terms not from a controlled vocabulary).
pyPublication year(s).
laLanguages and ISO 639-1 alpha-2 language codes.
dtDocument types: (j, b, a)
j → journal article; b → book; a → book article
anZentralblatt MATH identifier and document (DE) number.

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