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The visible {\tt human} at the university of colorado 15 years later. (English)
Virtual Real. 12, No. 4, 191-200 (2008).
Summary: The Visible Human has come through ages, providing a foundation of photorealistic anatomy for learner-centered, interactive education. Pathways for improvement of the Visible Human process for reverse engineering the macrostructure of the human body have been developed to provide higher resolution and decreased production time for segmentation and modeling human form. The assignment of physical properties, the development of algorithms for the interaction of surgical tools with this virtual anatomy and the availability of high-fidelity haptic interfaces provide the basis for fully immersive surgical training and certification in an environment that is zero direct-risk to patients. Interactive journal publishing, 3D stereoscopic anatomical visualization software and surgical simulators, all based on the Visible Human, the history of the Project and its utilization and provide a framework for its evolution and role in delivering education, training, certification and credentialing through virtual reality to the health care workforce of tomorrow.
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